“Cyber Security Opportunities for SMEs” Conference at MRU, Lithuania

On May 8th 2024, the conference „Cyber Security Opportunities for SMEs“ organized by Erasmus+ funded project REWIRE – „Cyber Skills Alliance – A New Vision for Europe“, together with the Lithuanian Cybercrime of Excellence for Training, Research and Education (L3CE), took place at the Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Research and Innovation Centre.

The REWIRE project targets gaps in cybersecurity skills or competences and provides innovative solutions to address pertinent cybersecurity challenges. During the event, EU-funded projects were presented, providing SMEs with opportunities to acquire knowledge and improve technologies needed to protect their businesses.

During the event, REWIRE (Edmundas Piesarskas, EKT) presented 4 updated REWIRE Cybersecurity Vocational Open Online Courses (VOOCs):

  • CISO, Penetration Tester, Cyber Incident Responder, and Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist.

All courses are free of charge and provide participants with the chance to interact within the cyberrange. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate of attendance and even have the opportunity to obtain a generally recognized certificate (provided they meet the prerequisites that are indicated in the course description).

In the discussion on cybersecurity opportunities that followed, participants listened to expert advice regarding access to free cybersecurity software and training, as well as information on funding, its terms and conditions.

L3CE representative Evaldas Bružė discussed practical ways to identify and protect businesses against cybersecurity threats, while Tomas Tauginas, Head of the Analysis Division of the Ministry of National Defense, presented the COVID-19 case study. Representatives of L3CE and OIXIO presented CYSSME (Jaroslav Urbanovič, L3CE), EAGLE (Jaroslav Urbanovič, L3CE), DI4 LITHUANIAN ID (Egidija Veršinskienė, L3CE) projects, as well as innovative cybersecurity solutions (Aurimas Kurauskas, OIXIO).

The mixed-format event was attended by 90 participants interested in cybersecurity, highlighting the importance of cyber skills for society. The online courses developed by REWIRE and presented at the event can be found by clicking this link.

CYSSME project presentation Cybersecurity for SMEs – presentation slides;

EAGLE presentation CovEring the trAining Gap in digital skills for European SMEs manpowEr – presentation slides;

European Digital Innovation Hub for Lithuanian Industry (DI4LithuanianID) – presentation slides.

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