R1.1 Consortium Agreement

R1.2 Project Management Handbook

R1.3 EAB framework

R1.4 Coordination and Communication Platform

R1.5 Project meetings

R1.6 Progress and Final Reports

R1.7 Privacy Policy & Procedures – Download the Pdf

R1.8 Open Data procedures and guidelines – Download the Pdf

R2.1.1 PESTLE Analysis results – Download the PDF

R2.2.1 Stakeholder database

R2.2.2 Cybersecurity Skills Needs Analysis – Download the PDF

R2.2.3 Methodology to anticipate future needs – Download the PDF

R2.3.1 Cybersecurity Skills Strategy

R3.1.1 Governance model for the organization

R3.1.2 Governance processes and procedures

R3.2.1 European Cybersecurity Blueprint

R3.3.1 Cybersecurity skills Framework

R3.4.1 Mapping the framework to existing courses and schemes

R3.5.1 Cybersecurity career pathway analysis

R3.6.1 European Cybersecurity Blueprint

R4.1.1 Cyberrange Establishment methodology and roadmap

R4.1.2 REWIRE Cyberrange

R4.2.1 REWIRE Curricula and Training Framework

R4.2.2 Training courses material

R4.2.3 Training courses material suitable for VOOC delivery

R4.3.1 REWIRE Cyber range scenario development framework

R4.3.2 REWIRE Scenario Sharing Platform

R4.4.1 Technical Specifications for the REWIRE VLE


R4.5.1 Results of the 1st Cybersecurity VOOCs delivery

R4.5.2 Results of the 2nd Cybersecurity VOOCs delivery

R4.6.1 Cybersecurity Skills Certification Scheme Core

R4.6.2 Cybersecurity Skills Qualification Standards

R4.6.3 Cybersecurity Skills Certification Scheme Examination material

R4.6.4 Cybersecurity Skills Certificates

R4.6.5 Cybersecurity Skills Assessment Recommendation

R5.1.1 CyberABILITY platform

R5.2.1 Annual Cybersecurity Skills Trends Reports

R5.3.1 REWIRE Fiches

R5.4.1 Policy Recommendations

R5.5.1 Cybersecurity SSA Network building/Campaign

R5.5.2 Cybersecurity SSA Network building/Campaign Assessment Report

R5.6.1 National Cybersecurity Events List

R5.6.2 REWIRE National Endorsement Events

R5.7.1 Action Plan for the Blueprint sustainability

R6.1 Quality Assurance Plan

R6.2 Quality Assurance Reports

R6.3 Impact Evlaution Reported

R7.1 Stakeholders Analysis

R7.2 Targeting key policymakers

R7.3 Dissemination Plan

R7.4 REWIRE website

R7.5 Portfolio of dissemination material

R7.6 REWIRE International conference

R7.7 Exploitation Plan