3rd Plenary REWIRE Project Meeting on 24 & 25 May 2022 in Paris, France

REWIRE Project 25 partners met for first time in Paris and online on 24 and 25 May 2022, after a long and difficult period of confinement and teleworking with travel restrictions in Europe and worldwide due to the pandemic situation. This was the third plenary project meeting but the first in person.

During the two-day meeting, all partners had the chance to meet and know each other, discuss challenges and opportunities of the project, and foster the consortium for the future. In this context, the main goal of the meeting was to overview the whole status of the project, review progress in each WP, evaluate activities of the past months and take some decisions.

On day 1, project manager Andrius Bambalas (MRU) made a thorough introduction and overview of the project. Then, WPs leaders presented activities, results, and challenges of their respective folders of responsibility where everyone had the chance to learn, intervene, make questions, and express their perspectives. There was an interesting discussion that was focused on key findings from the development of cybersecurity skills strategy such as:

  • need to increase the number of candidates for cybersecurity training
  • deep understanding of cybersecurity threats
  • defining cybersecurity as a significant function of an organization
  • need to strengthen cooperation between industry and training organizations
  • support the development of training measures
  • establish common cybersecurity training standards
  • model effective cybersecurity training

Moreover, the discussion was extended around the topic of trainings and certification in the field of cybersecurity in European level. Finally, special mention was made to the needs of the projects to be engaged actively with its stakeholders who are the direct and indirect recipients of project’s results. National cybersecurity events, REWIRE national endorsement events, policy recommendations and annual cybersecurity skills trends reports are some of the opportunities that REWIRE need to work closely with its stakeholders for the goals of the project.

On day 2, a productive Management Board meeting raised internal issues of the project, important for next steps. Discussion on REWIRE’s uniqueness and harmonization within European Union’s agency on cybersecurity ENISA framework closed this third plenary meeting that was an excellent opportunity to solve any obstacle that pandemic posed the last months, define clear and realistic goals in short and long term and foster this already strong consortium, REWIRE project.