The REWIRE deliverable R3.2.1 European Cybersecurity Blueprint aims at stimulating cybersecurity education in Europe.

The document, which can be dowloaded here, covers all elements of cybersecurity education that are considered relevant by the REWIRE project:

  • A skills framework, describing the various job profiles, skills and knowledge relevant for cybersecurity, in an organized manner, and building upon already existing work (ENISA ECSF, ESCO, and output from the pilot projects);
  • Attractiveness of the cybersecurity sector, describing an analysis of the cybersecurity job market and the demand for cybersecurity professionnals;
  • Tools for skills identification, enabling interested parties to provide better job descriptions and courses descriptions;
  • Tools for skills development, identifying courses and programs for acquiring skills and knowledge, as well as career pathways to enable skills development over time;
  • Governance, describing how such a cybersecurity skills framework could be maintained in the long term for the benefit of the European community.

The REWIRE Cybersecurity Blueprint focuses on providing a global synthetic vision, consolidated for the REWIRE project, of all elements relevant for cybersecurity education. It is a companion document for the REWIRE Skills Framework described in REWIRE deliverable R3.3.1. Cybersecurity skills Framework.


R3.3.1, as well as other project deliverables, can be found here.