REWIRE addresses the skill gaps and shortages in different occupational profiles and qualifications of the Cybersecurity Sector.

This will be achieved through the following specific objectives:


  • design and deliver the European Cybersecurity Blueprint,
  • develop the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework, update existing and create 4 new occupational profiles,
  • deliver training programmes on highly innovative fields,
  • develop a digital on-line publicly accessible Skills Observatory for cybersecurity skills merging the market needs, the profiles, the competencies and the available training courses.


  • involve all stakeholders for exploiting the VET potential in cutting-edge subjects for creating growth and jobs in the Cybersecurity sector,
  • enhance the use of cyberranges,
  • promote the application of EQAVET and EQF/ECVET frameworks that ensure both quality and better transferability of the project’s results.


  • create a lasting partnership of all types of stakeholders that will monitor and adjust to changes in the sector’s needs,
  • facilitate transnational mobility between the sectors’ stakeholders,
  • provide transversal skills as well as career guidance, career management skills and access to the labour market, thus improving their long-term employability.