4th Plenary REWIRE Project Meeting on 10 & 11 October in Chania, Greece

The REWIRE Project held its 4th Plenary meeting on 10 and 11 October 2022, with partners attending both online and in-person in Chania, Greece. The meeting was hosted by the Technical University of Crete.

During the meeting, partners discussed the opportunities and challenges faced during the implementation of the project. The main objective of this plenary meeting was to explain the current status of the REWIRE project, review progress and work done in each WP, as well as to discuss about activities that were implemented since the last plenary meeting and future expectations and plans.

The first day of the REWIRE Plenary meeting, WP and ongoing tasks leaders had the opportunity to present updates on project outcomes and share the challenges they faced during the production of deliverables. It was an enriching exchange session where partners could foster mutual understanding, provide their inputs, and agree on how to approach the upcoming tasks of different WPs.

On the second day, the meeting focused on the project’s Management Board meeting, as well as on Quality Assurance aspects of the project. The preliminary findings of the Quality Assurance report were discussed, indicating that partners are overall satisfied with consortium management procedures and the quality of produced results. Project management challenges were also addressed and effective ways to respond them were explored.

REWIRE is now on a key moment of its course as it is celebrating its second year since the project started.

There were different discussions throughout the meeting, from which it should be highlighted the one regarding the organization of future dissemination events and intensification of outreach efforts. Suggestions on how to increase impact of the projects and on how to reach to a wider audience were made. Partners also shared lesson learnt from the recent webinar on Cybersecurity Skills Gap & Education.