L3CE shares call to strengthen EU Eastern Region security organisations

Ukraine is being attacked by Russia. War is developing and threatening the democratic and free world. We all are facing a global crisis and regional escalation, and we need to resist and help with all possible means to counter it.

The Lithuanian Cybercrime Center of Excellence for Training, Research & Education L3CE (Lithuania) has received a request from security practitioners’ organizations to assist in all possible means with EU technological solutions:

Due to globalization and the rapid development of information technology, most countries in the World are connected to a global virtual network where, compared to the physical environment, protected borders are virtually non-existent.

The alternative reality created through 5th domain can mislead nations societies and have devastating consequences, from economic loss to the destruction of the future of democracies through elections, political and public decision-making processes interference. As a result, cybercriminals, terrorists and autocratic regimes make extensive use of the cyber environment for economic, ideological and political purposes.

Everybody agrees that on 24th of February 2022 the World security and international legal ecosystem began transformation. Nobody knows how and when it ends, but we know for sure, that everybody who follows and want to continue with Western values, needs to be aware of what is happening like never before…”

Security organizations fighting hostile communication, Cyber and Information Operations to defend Western values such as transparency, freedom of speech and, most importantly, societies will to resist and protect.

“…During the defence of NATO/EU Eastern flank, meets adversarial influence challenges due to adversary’s capacity and ability to exploit information environment for society’s perception, opinion and behavior targeting.”

We are calling the EU science and technology community to respond and provide any technological and service means that can strengthen EU Eastern region security organizations. We are in the contact with local governmental, LEA, security, and defence agencies, practitioners and ready to facilitate secure and confidential contact.

L3CE will facilitate the exchange of capabilities with regional partners in Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

Some of the international RTO organizations have already provided access to their technologies to national security organizations – we are grateful for them.

Let’s do all what we can to stop this war, shield our cyber and information space and resist to cyber and information terror. Please respond to the coordination email:

With hope,

L3CE team, REWIRE project partner