REWIRE mirrors SPARTA, CONCORDIA, ECHO and CyberSec4Europe

REWIRE is a consequent project of 4 pilot projects launched by the European Commission, that are SPARTA, CONCORDIA, ECHO and CyberSec4Europe. Indeed, SPARTA proposed developing an EU based Cybersecurity Skills Framework (CSF), which was the starting point for the Lithuanian Cybercrime Center of Excellence for Training, Research and Education to propose the establishment of a “Cybersecurity Skills Alliance – New Vision for Europe” or, in other words, REWIRE.

REWIRE gathers 12 education and training providers, 11 partners representing industry and certification, and two EU umbrella organisations for Vocational Education and Training (VET) from 12 EU countries. These partners work together on developing a new sectoral strategic approach for effective cooperation on cybersecurity skills and support improved matching between skill needs of the market and skills provided by the relevant education and training organisations.

REWIRE will provide a blueprint that will serve to construct and implement the necessary framework and tools for enhancing the cybersecurity skills portfolio in Europe. This project is a great example of effective collaboration between existing cybersecurity competency clusters on local, national and EU levels that will be used to channel and scale up results developed by SPARTA and other pilot projects.