REWIRE Plenary Meeting held online

The REWIRE plenary meeting was held online last February 28, 2022. The purpose of the meeting was to have an overview of what has been done until now within the project, what challenges have been faced and discuss the next steps of REWIRE. The meeting started with a welcoming message from the project coordinator, Andrius Bambalas (MRU), and a brief summary of general project status.

During the meeting, partners had the chance to listen to the Project Officer Urska Primec (EACEA)‚Äč, who explained what the general impression has been in terms of the work and results achieved by the REWIRE project. Ms Primec highlighted the importance and impact of the project for the cybersecurity field, in specific cybersecurity education, and encouraged all the partners to keep working on the quality results despite the challenges that might be found during the course of the different tasks and work packages.

Afterwards, the deliverables from WP2 were presented to the attendees, focusing on the PESTLE Analysis results and the Cybersecurity Skills Strategy that is being developed. Leader of WP3 also introduced the status of the tasks being sorted out, which are focused on the design of the European Cybersecurity Blueprint.

Moreover, the meeting covered two more presentations, one regarding Quality Assurance and Evaluation and another one about Dissemination and Exploitation Results.

At the end of the plenary meeting, a piece of good news was shared among the partners: finally, a face-to-face meeting will take place next May in France!