REWIRE Publications: Two papers accepted at the ARES-ETACS workshop

The REWIRE project is currently developing dynamic tools designed to help stakeholders understand and involvement in the cybersecurity area. On this scope, the articles “Job Adverts Analyzer for Cybersecurity Skills Needs Evaluation” and “Adding European Cybersecurity Skills Framework into Curricula Designer” were published and presented at the workshop on Education, Training, and Awareness in Cybersecurity (ETACS 2022) held in conjunction with the 17th edition of the International Conference on Availability, Reliability, and Security (ARES) from August 23rd to August 26th, 2022 in Vienna.

The Job Adverts Analyzer is a free web-based application that has been created to collect and analyse job adverts using a machine learning algorithm. This algorithm enables the detection of the skills required in advertised cybersecurity work positions. The application is both interactive and dynamic allowing for automated analyses and for the underlying database of job adverts to be easily updated. Through the Cybersecurity Job Ads Analyzer, it is possible to explore the skills required over time, and thereby enable academia and other training providers to better understand and address the needs of the industry.

The Curricula Designer is a tool devoted to helping study program administrators and education providers to create cybersecurity curricula that are modern and reflect the needs of the job market. At ETACS, we present an updated version of the Curricula Designer where the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework (ECSF) developed by ENISA is included in the tool. The ECSF allows directly linking knowledge and skills with professional profiles, which in turn reflect actual work roles on the job market. It is important to notice that the Curricula Designer is the result of the SPARTA project and REWIRE project is contributing to its extension.