EfVET roundtable: REWIRE the future of the EU Cybersecurity sector skills

European funded projects like REWIRE Cybersecurity Skills Alliance – A New Vision for Europe aim at addressing the existing skills gaps in cybersecurity sector through the development of skills framework, blueprint and through the delivery of training programs.

Along with the increased use of technology in recent decades, the field of cybersecurity has received more attention due to the greater exposure of governments, businesses, and general public to cyber threats. Most of European public sector organizations and companies are striving hard to address these cybersecurity challenges due to the lack of appropriately skilled cybersecurity professionals. Research indicates that there is a pressing need (that will grow also in the future) for professionals with cybersecurity skills and difficulty with the supply of professionals with the required high-level qualification. The shortage of cybersecurity workforce and skills gaps are a major concern for both economic development and national security, especially amidst the rapid digitization of the economy. The cybersecurity skills gap and shortage persist in Europe and need to be tackled effectively.

The roundtable will highlight the main components of cybersecurity blueprint that includes a skills framework built upon already existing work , information about the attractiveness of the cybersecurity sector in terms of employment, tools related to cybersecurity skills identification and development as well as information about the governance of cybersecurity skills framework in long term. The roundtable also intends to stimulate an open discussion about the importance of cybersecurity education.