Info day “Securing Cyber Futures: empowering Skills for Tomorrow”

“Securing cyber futures: empowering skills for tomorrow” is the title of the REWIRE Info Day that took place in Brussels on November 29th, organised by the REWIRE partners EVTA and EfVET. The event was also part of the Lifelong Learning Week 2023, annualy organised by the Lifelong Learning Platform. The primary aim of the event was to investigate how stakeholders in the cybersecurity field can address the current obstacles, particularly concerning skill deficiencies, shortages, and disparities. Notably, the discussion delved into the potential impact of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in mitigating skill shortages and paving pathways for individuals to enter the cybersecurity workforce.

Moderated by Joana Xhemali, EU Project Manager at EVTA, the event hosted distinguished speakers including Matthew Jose, research engineer from the University of Lorraine, Saskia Brugman, Operational Coordinator for Women4Cyber Foundation, Hervé Docq, director of Technobel, and Norman Röhner, Policy Officer from All Digital.

Matthew Jose’s discussion on the cybersecurity skill gap emphasised the barriers posed by the relentless pace of technological evolution. Beyond the imperative for technical expertise, he highlighted the urgency of bridging gender and diversity gaps in the sector. The subsequent exploration of Gap Drivers and Solutions, encapsulated in the REWIRE BLUEPRINT, demonstrated a strategic and holistic approach to tackling challenges, considering political, social, technological, and economic factors influencing the cybersecurity landscape.

The discourse gained additional depth as speakers from Women4Cyber, Technobel, and ALL DIGITAL shared insights into their respective initiatives. Women4Cyber addressed the importance of gender and diversity gaps in the sector, striving to create a more inclusive environment through mentorship programs and collaboration with organisations like Solvay LifeLong Learning. Technobel, as a private sector entity, emphasised the importance of VET in addressing the cybersecurity skills gap, focusing on multidisciplinary projects and collaboration with industries. ALL DIGITAL, with its emphasis on enhancing digital literacy for all, underlined the significance of cybersecurity literacy in our interconnected digital world. The event fostered collaboration for an inclusive, skilled, and secure cybersecurity workforce through education, diversity promotion, and innovative solutions, reflecting a dedication to practical resolutions.