REWIRE at the Information Security & Data Privacy conference

On September 15, 2021, the Information Security & Data Privacy conference hosted distinguished speakers from Cyprus and abroad who attempted to shed light on information security and privacy topics.

Dr. Yianna Danidou, Lecturer in Cybersecurity at the European University Cyprus (EUC), which is a partner in the REWIRE project, and Coordinator of the Master in Cybersecurity, Director of CYBER.EUC, and Research Associate at CERIDES, gave a presentation on “The Cybersecurity Skills Gap” – a topic that concerns and directly impacts each cybersecurity-responsible business.

A shortage in the quantity of prepared network protection experts accessible comparable to the current interest is generally perceived by organisations, institutions, and governments. Stakeholders pressure the need to show greater online protection and underline the poor arrangement among education and labour market demands.

During her speech, Dr. Danidou highlighted the ongoing shortage of qualified cybersecurity personnel and how COVID-19 has impacted cybersecurity, especially its professionals. Regarding the skills gap in the field of cybersecurity, the PESTLE Analysis results were presented, which focused on cybersecurity education.

Moreover, Dr. Danidou also explained the advantages and benefits for both academia and industry worlds, pointing out that academia could get knowledge transfer, basic and applied research and the organisation of different events; while the industry could collaborate with academia, provide internships or participate in lectures and events.