REWIRE develops Cybersecurity Job Ads Analyzer & Cybersecurity Profiler

REWIRE is glad to announce that is has developed two free web-based applications in the area of cybersecurity education!

The Cybersecurity Job Ads Analyzer was developed by two REWIRE partners, the Brno University of Technology (CZ) an the KTH Royal Institute of Technology (SE). This app has been created to collect and analyze job adverts using a machine learning algorithm. This algorithm enables the detection of the skills required in advertised cybersecurity work positions. The application is both interactive and dynamic allowing for automated analyses and the underlying database of job adverts to be easily updated. Through the Cybersecurity Job Ads Analyzer, it is possible to explore the cybersecurity skills required in work roles over time, and thereby enable academia and other training providers to better understand and address the needs of the industry.

The Cybersecurity Profiler was developed by REWIRE partner, the Brno University of Technology (CZ). This app has been created to collect and analyze cybersecurity skills in curricula, trainings, and certification schemes. Moreover, this app helps to create a bridge between demand and offer in cybersecurity with a clear career path starting from the studied skills to the work roles that can be achieved. Filtering features and statistics are shown as well as the possibility to create your curricula, certification, or training while having on-time statistics and connection to the ENISA profile and NICE work roles.

Both apps are part of the REWIRE cyberABILITY platform that will be available as from September 2023 and which will incorporate the information from the career map, and the training and certification interconnection tool to provide information to all interested parties, e.g., companies, VET providers, policymakers, etc.

Regarding the Cybersecurity Job Ads Analyzer, please refer also to RICCI, S.; SIKORA, M.; PARKER, S.; LENDAK, I.; DANIDOU, Y.; CHATZOPOULOU, A.; BADONNEL, R.; ALKSNYS, D. Job Adverts Analyzer for Cybersecurity Skills Needs Evaluation (Job Analyzer), available here.